Rachel Antognoni
Rachel Antognoni
Insurance Specialist

Rachel Antognoni

(727) 286-9566
Rachel, a fourth-generation Tampa native, is not only a tenacious protector of her insurance clients but also a fervent explorer of life's natural beauties. Her dedication to the insurance industry has spanned over a remarkable decade, during which she has navigated roles in small business sales, investments, and life insurance. It was in 2015, when she ventured into personal lines insurance brokerage, that she discovered her true passion. Her loyal clients, who entrust their most valuable assets to her – homes, cars, and personal treasures – are a testament to her commitment and expertise. Rachel extends her service beyond merely securing the best coverage. She passionately believes in education as an integral part of each insurance policy, ensuring her clients understand every nuance of their protection.
When not championing her clients' needs, she enjoys the outdoors and learning about native Florida plants with her husband. She finds inspiration and balance in the embrace of nature, appreciating the finer details of the world around her. An avid rollerblader, she delights in the thrill and freedom of coasting along Tampa's picturesque trails.
Trust Rachel to not only safeguard your assets, but also empower you with knowledge and confidence.
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