6 Tips for Packing Your RV for a Trip

Whether you are new to RV’ing or an old hand, packing your vehicle for a trip can be stressful. You want to make sure you don’t forget anything important, since replacing items when you are camping in a state park or off-the-beaten area can prove difficult, inconvenient, and expensive. With a little advance planning and organization, however, you can leave for your RV vacation with confidence that you have everything you will need with you. Here are six tips to help you pack your RV more efficiently.

1. Use Checklists. 

No matter how good your memory may be, written checklists will help to remind you of the essential items you need to pack – along with the things that can help make the trip easier and more comfortable. Make a separate checklist for each category: Galley, Bed & Bath, Outdoor Fun, RV Maintenance & Spares, etc. Write down everything you might want or need on the appropriate checklist, then winnow out any unnecessary –
or overly bulky – items. 

2. Plan Menus. 

Make a menu for each day of your trip and shop ahead for the ingredients, especially items that may be hard to find when you’re on the road. Today’s coolers are so well engineered you should even be able to pack some perishables. Advance menu planning also can help remind you to bring utensils that are unique to a particular meal, like soup spoons or skewers. Leave a couple of meals open, however, so you can take advantage of local vegetables and other food that may be in season at your destination.

3. Restock Your RV’s First-Aid Kit.

If it has been a while since your last RV vacation, be sure to inspect the RV kit you keep in your RV. (If you don’t have one on board, now is the time to pick one up.)  Replace any medications that are past their expiration dates and restock any supplies, like bandages or antiseptic ointment, that may be running low. If anyone in your camping crew requires prescription medications, make you will have enough on hand to last the entire trip.

4. Be Ready for Any Weather. 

Naturally, you always check the weather forecast for your RV’ing destination(s) before heading out. But no matter what the forecast says, we all know weather can be unpredictable. It’s a good idea to pack a few extra items so you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way. Include sunscreen, hats and long-sleeved clothing for sun protection, warm clothing for chilly mornings and evenings, and waterproof rain gear. Even if you never unpack some of these items, if the weather calls for any them, you will be glad you brought them along.

5. Pack Indoor Entertainment.

While RV vacations offer a golden opportunity to reconnect with nature, the weather might not be good enough for outdoor activities throughout your entire trip. If you tuck some reading material, games (look for lightweight travel versions) and crafts in with your other gear, they will be handy to help pass the time on a rainy day. If you are traveling with children, allow them to pack a few favorite toys and maybe hide a surprise or two you can pull out when boredom strikes.

6. Stow Weight Evenly in Your RV. 

When you have gathered everything you need for your adventure and are ready to stow it in your RV, it’s important to pay distribute the weight evenly on either side of the vehicle and over the axles. An unbalanced load can be dangerous in sharp turns or high winds, and also puts more wear and tear on your RV.

By following these simple packing tips, you will ensure you have everything you need on board for a safe and fun RVing adventure.


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