4 End-of-Summer Family-Friendly Boating Destinations

Temperatures may slowly drop as summer begins to fade away, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. There are lots of sunny days left, and for boaters, there is plenty of time to plan a few more trips. So, before stowing the gear and storing the boat, there is time left for one more end-of-summer adventure.

No matter where you live, there are some fantastic things to see on land or by water if you are a boater. And chances are there is a spectacular natural or man-made attraction somewhere nearby. Check out sites promoting local attractions, and you’ll find some incredible opportunities for boat trips that remain for next year.

Below are four great suggestions for end-of-the-summer boating destinations in the US. Others exist in every region, so don’t drive straight through—stop and see some of the many hidden gems spread across this country.

1. Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island, OH

Located at the West end of Lake Erie, the resort town of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island has been called the Key West of the North. Only accessible by boat, ferry, or seaplane, Put-in-Bay makes a great end-of-year destination for boaters. Both Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island feature plenty of attractions, including shops, restaurants, bars, live music, an aquatic visitors center, and historical landmarks. Boaters can dock at any of the six marinas and, if needed, will find gasoline and diesel available for refueling.

2. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Munising, MI

Lake Superior’s rocky shore is home to plenty of natural wonders, but straight above the Michigan mainland on the state’s wild Upper Peninsula boaters will find the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore stretching 40 miles across the Southern Shore. Mineral deposits on the shoreline’s sandstone cliffs give the area its name, painting beautiful patterns in bright streaks of red, black, white, pink, green, and yellow. Boaters can either rent a pontoon nearby or bring their own vessel and explore the coast and beyond.

3. San Juan Islands, WA

Primarily known as a gateway to Washington state’s bustling city of Seattle, the 1,020 square mile island estuary known as Puget Sound is second in size only to Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Home to stunning natural beauty and wildlife, Puget Sound has some of the area's most beautiful natural formations, such as the San Juan Islands. Awash in natural beauty, this 172-island archipelago is home to an incredibly diverse ecosystem with orcas swimming at the top of the food chain..
Sailing is popular in the island chain. And trawlers are also a common sight. Additionally, tours and whale watching are also available options for activities..

4. Chesapeake Bay, MD

Popular with visitors with vessels of any shape and size, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, is an attractive destination for boaters who want to experience something special. Spanning more than 64,000 square miles of water, Chesapeake Bay is fed by more than 150 rivers and streams. Along with some of the country’s largest and busiest ports, the bay’s coast is also home to picturesque villages and towns and is filled with an abundance of great food, tiki bars, live music, and beautiful natural sights and sounds.

With waterways stretching from Philadelphia down to Norfolk, VA, there is no shortage of populated or remote locations to explore. Chesapeake Bay is also home to an incredible boating community, so finding recommendations, suggested destinations, and local information is easy.

Now is the perfect time to plot a course and take one last long weekend or week off before summer ends. Whether you’re looking for a picturesque beachfront or an adventure off-the-beaten-path, we hope these end-of-summer boating destinations have inspired your next voyage.

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