Your RV Is Your Platform for Adventure

Spending a week’s vacation relaxing in a scenic campground is still one of the main ways people use a recreational vehicle. But today’s RVs give you the option of doing so much more. In addition to taking you to new destinations comfortably and economically, your RV also can serve as a platform to launch a host of outdoor adventures. Here are just a few of the fun and exciting activities that creative RVers are enjoying today.

  • Bicycling. Touring a state park or a seaside town by bicycle lets you slow the pace and truly immerse yourself in the environment. In many cases, you also can use a bicycle to ride to the store for essentials without having to move the RV. Thanks to the many different bicycle racks on the market that mount to the vack of your vehicle, you won’t have to sacrifice any living space to bring bikes for the whole family along on your travels.

  • Kayaking & Paddleboarding. If your travel plans include visiting a lake, river or ocean venue in your RV, bringing along kayaks or stand-up paddleboards will let you get out on the water for hours of fun. Paddlesports also are a great way to work off the calories from all those campfire s’mores! As with bicycle racks, there are a large variety of kayak racks that mount to the back or roof of your RV, and many of them also hold paddleboards.

  • Boating. If your RV is capable of towing a boat and trailer, it can double your vacation fun! You can use the boat to go fishing or to explore a beautiful body of water with much greater range than a kayak provides. It’s important to note, however, that learning to launch a boat at a ramp from an RV takes a bit of practice. Once you develop this skill, however, it will be the start of endless adventures both on land and on the water.

  • Motorcycling & ATVing. Some RVs have the capacity to tow a small trailer that holds a couple of motorcycles or an ATV. If you are into motorcycle touring or ATV off-roading, this can greatly enhance your RVing experience. Bringing motorcycles along not only will let you enjoy riding down blue highways with the wind in your hair, but they also offer a more maneuverable means of transportation than your RV. ATVs let you explore the wilderness far from signs of civilization. Not all parks are ATV-friendly, however, so be sure to check with your destination in advance.

  • Fishing. According to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF), roughly one in six Americans has gone fishing. This universal pastime requires very little in the way of equipment – just a rod, reel and some artificial bait. Stow this gear in a locker in your RV and the next time you take it to a lake or other waterway, you will have a fun, relaxing way to spend time outdoors during your stay. Who knows – You might even catch dinner!

  • Hiking. It takes even less gear to enjoy this healthy sport – just a pair of appropriately rugged, comfortable shoes. Any national or state park where you can camp in an RV typically has a range of hiking trails available with different distances and elevations. Choose the one that fits your pace and be sure to bring some water along. You will find new scenic views waiting around every bend.

  • Attending sports events or concerts. Many outdoor sports arenas and concert venues offer parking areas for RVs where people attending the event can make a weekend out of it. Whether it’s the Daytona 500 NASCAR race in Florida or Burning Man in Nevada, you are likely to find many fellow enthusiasts camped nearby!

Owning an RV offers you the unique opportunity to bring along the vehicles, vessels and gear that will enhance your vacation even more. The next time you go RVing, try using it to launch a new sport or leisure experience. You’ll be glad you did!

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