6 Tips for Traveling with Children in an RV

Traveling with children can be an exciting and memorable experience while providing parents time to learn, grow, and bond with their kids. When you add an RV into the mix, you can create unforgettable family adventures while maintaining the comforts of home. So, when it’s time to hit the road, it’s important to ensure your mode of transportation provides a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for the journey. There are a lot of steps and tasks involved in arriving and departing in an RV, but there are even more considerations when traveling with kids.

To help you enjoy your trip to the fullest, below are some things you can do to increase safety, fun, and convenience for the kids and the whole family while on the road.

1. Plan Your Route and Stops in Advance

Research family-friendly campgrounds or RV parks along your route so you can choose destinations that offer activities suitable for children. Look for activities and equipment like hiking trails, playgrounds, or swimming areas. Don’t forget to check for other nearby attractions or events that might interest your kids, like amusement parks or zoos.

2. Safety First

When fishing in a new place, there is a lot to learn. All aquatic species will have their own feeding habits and an ideal location and time to pursue them. Whether you use Before you're ready to hit the road, taking the proper safety measures is always a must. Ensure all child restraints, such as car seats or booster seats, are properly installed and secured. Teach your children about RV safety rules, including not playing with the RV's controls or climbing on the roof. Keep emergency contact numbers and a first-aid kit readily available. Additional safety measures to take would be the following:

  • Verify all equipment and electronics on the RV are working and operating well, such as testing the batteries, topping off fluids, etc.
  • Check seat belts for condition and correct operation
  • Close and lock all RV access doors, then check that they’re secure
  • Safeguard any pets by placing them in crates or on leashes

3. Create a Comfortable and Safe Sleeping Environment

In addition to safety, comfort is also a must. Make sure each child has their own designated sleeping area in the RV. Pack their favorite blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals to help them feel at home. Use bed rails or safety nets to prevent falls while sleeping, especially for younger children. Taking along extra blankets for chilly nights is also recommended.

4. Establish a Routine

Stick to your children's regular sleep and mealtime schedules as much as possible. Plan for breaks during long drives to allow kids to stretch their legs and burn off energy. Incorporate familiar activities like reading bedtime stories or having family game nights to create a sense of normalcy.

5. Embrace the Outdoors

Encourage outdoor exploration by planning nature walks, bike rides, or picnics during your RV stops. Pack outdoor essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, towels, and appropriate clothing for different weather conditions. Engage your children in camping activities like roasting marshmallows, stargazing, or storytelling around the campfire.

6. Foster Family Bonding

Engage your children in planning activities and destinations, allowing them to feel involved and excited about the trip. Allocate quality family time during the journey for shared experiences and bonding moments. Encourage open communication and create opportunities for each family member to share their thoughts and feelings.

Traveling with children in an RV can be a wonderful adventure, providing unique opportunities for learning, family bonding, and exploration. Simple steps like planning ahead, creating a comfortable environment, and ensuring your children’s safety can help make the journey memorable for you and your children. Remember, flexibility and a positive attitude are key when traveling with kids. Embrace the unexpected and cherish the moments together. Happy travels!


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