Important Hurricane Preparedness Tips For Boats and Yachts

When hurricane season approaches, it’s vital to be ready in every way possible. Besides ensuring the safety and security of you and your family during any potential hurricane threats, being prepared is the key to mitigating potential risks and protecting your investment. Below are some tips to help you adequately plan and minimize possible damage.

1. Create an Emergency Plan:

  • Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes, safe harbors, and marinas designated as hurricane shelters.
  • Ensure you have updated contact information for local authorities, marinas, and our insurance agency.
  • If you intend to take your vessel to another location, filing a float plan is also recommended.

2. Review Your Insurance Coverage:

  • Verify that your boat or yacht insurance policy is up to date and provides adequate coverage for potential hurricane-related damages.
  • Understand the extent of coverage for damages caused by hurricanes, storms, or other weather-related incidents.
  • Check your policy to see if you have hurricane haul-out reimbursement. This coverage can offset the cost of having your boat moved or hauled when a “watch” or “warning” is declared for your area.

3. Secure Your Vessel:

  • If possible, move your boat or yacht to a safe location well in advance of any approaching storm.
  • If relocation is not possible, secure your vessel with appropriate lines, anchors, and fenders to minimize potential damage from wind and waves.
  • Use a ratchet strap to tie the vessel to the ground or a lift to prevent it from floating away.
  • Double-check that all hatches, ports, and other openings are securely closed to prevent water intrusion.

4. Remove Valuables and Essential Documents:

  • Safeguard valuable items, personal belongings, and important documents by removing them from the vessel before a storm hits.
  • Consider creating digital backups of essential documents and storing them in a secure location..

Preparedness is key and vital for reducing potential risks and safeguarding your investments. If you have any questions or need any guidance concerning your boat or yacht, feel free to reach out to our team of marine insurance experts. We are dedicated to supporting you during hurricane season and beyond.


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